Paradise in July, or Hitting the Road


(My D's ride, the Skyway ridge at sundown, brother in the background.  Fireworks, here we come!)

This post sooned to be followed by "Seattle in July" as well as "Costa Rica in July."

We missed the traditional tractors and pie this year, but we did have an All-American West-Coast Allen Reunion luau.

I wish I could add "SLO in July," but maybe we'll save that for August.

The most summer I've spent in SLO was a week last year after the quarter ended.  Temperatures were somewhere upwards of 100 degrees almost every day.  To beat the heat, D and I hung out in a large, air-conditioned wholesale warehouse, bought popsicles that we didn't eat, and laid on the floor, not moving.  Only when the sun went down did we venture out to jump through the creek and dance on the sidewalks outside those sweaty, swelling bars.

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