The Birthday Kite

avila kites

For my birthday, D drew me a card with a picture of a big, shady tree.  He also included a Birthday Equation, giving a full analysis of the large sums of fun we would have when we made a kite together.

Two birthdays (his, mine again), one-and-a-half yards of silk, a dozen bamboo sticks, and one picnic later, Birthday Kite I gave flight some brave attempts.  Mary Poppins made it seem so easy: With tuppence for paper and strings / You can have your own set of wings. Something tells me this is not the whole story.

But until we figure out her secret, I suppose D and I will just have to keep building kites and having birthdays and packing pre-launch picnics at the beach, doing our best to keep the sand away from the fried chicken and chocolate cake.

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