Color Wheels & Counting Quarters

laundry day

Today, I learned how to do my laundry at a laundromat, and not only did I fail to bring soap, I also neglected to bring the appropriate change.  But I have a college degree and a preference for clean clothes, so in the end, I prevailed.

May I suggest we spend more time together at laundromats?  Can laundromats be the new coffee shops?  After all, they're open late, they have snack machines.

The featured laundry is not my laundry, in case you were wondering.  I hope the owner of this fabulous clothing color wheel didn't see me taking pictures of her laundry.


  1. The love of my life and I spent lots of time at the laundromat in the year before we were married. Great place to hang out and visit. I think you are on to something!

  2. I love the laundromat. The one off of California in SLO was my fav. Mostly for the fact that I journaled my best there and once a boy told me I was pretty there. (it's kelsey)