I heard worship


I tried my best, I tried in vain
Oh do you love me a lot?
Do you love me from the top of your heart?

And the people bowed and prayed
Oh I love you a lot
Oh I love you from the top of my heart

And you can see through my mistakes
Oh I'll tell it to you now
Oh I'll tell it from the top of my heart

All delighted people raise your hands
All delighted people raise your hands

(Can you tell who's the delighted one in the photo?
The other one said he was just "trying to look J. Crew." And I quote!)


  1. Why that picture rocks: It says bloomington in the background, your smile is enormous, it looks cold (it's an unfortunate 75-80 here still), Suf looks like a singing/j.crew model/musical wonder/genius at the same time, and apparently you are still staying away from those tanning booths.

  2. Das ist really exciting! :)

  3. Hey, I just saw SS the other night in Illinois, and I've been trying to find that song you quoted. It's not the same one you have the vid to, is it?