Sidewalk Bookshop

urban market

This is the literary selection at the weekend urban market on Kirkwood, but this is also how my bed generally looks. There's a lot of space in my bed, so it doubles as a desk.

Currently sleeping with: James Baldwin, Eavan Boland, a textbook on photographic lighting, and a bulky biography on O'Connor, Merton, Day, and Percy, entitled  The Life You Save May Be Your Own: An American Pilgrimage. In the chapter I recently read, author and activist Dorothy Day poses some questions much like my own:
"They were all engaged in another phase of the war in bohemia, the perpetual conflict between life and art...But the questions her friends were asking -- how might the writer take part in the affairs of the day? how could they reconcile the solitude and apartness of the writer's life with concern for the general welfare of society? -- were the questions she herself had been asking ever since she was a girl..."


  1. Hmm...I've only read the one about the whiffies.

  2. yes! i feel you on the questions and thank you for sharing dorothy day. samrat gave fiction workshop some essays by Nadine Gordimer that i found helpful on the activist vs. writer tension from a South African apartheid era context. i'll make copies and put them in your box so she can get in line for a spot in your bed...