Item No. 3: Lights

This is a tradition that D told me about.
I think it's beautiful:

Saint Lucy was a young, first-century Christian girl who, as legend has it, could not, for some miraculous reason, be burned or moved by her tormentors, and so instead they gouged her eyes out.  As the patron saint of the blind, she appears now in church services across Scandinavia on the darkest night of the year, wreathed in lights.

Happy Sankta Lucia!  Be someone's light!

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  1. YES! Exactly! I have a St. Lucia crown with real candles (but fake plants and berries) that I wear! Unfortunately I was in SLO this St. Lucia's day so I didn't have it. I also serve St. Lucia buns and coffee to my mom and sister on St. Lucia Day. It's GREAT. See? Another reason Swedes are so cool.