aquarium day

One weekend, D and I met up in the middle of California for an aquarium day. I have ♥ like a whale for the aquarium. I felt like we were playing hooky, even though it was Saturday.
The jellyfish look like baby aliens in a jar...
The flamingo guys are new.
See all those rocks on the beach? They're seals!


  1. I LOVE aquariums!! also, I am so excited about the hot pink flamingo. YESSSS.

  2. I want to go to the Monterey Aquarium very badly. Perhaps I will one day. Hm. Did you see any dead bodies? I watched an episode of the tv show Bones and they found a dead body in a tank once. On a more pleasant note, I really love the color of those jelly fish!

  3. for some reason you weren't in my google reader! adding you now! :)
    love these photos... especially the jelly fish!!