on the banks of june

How was your Memorial weekend?  I went to a proper Thai bbq that served up several grilled animals from the land and sea, including chicken, pork, sausage, fish, prawns, mussels, and octopus. My vegetarian friends are appalled at the slaughter, I know.  If it helps, everything was cooked in copious amounts of love and spices.

In other news, it's June! June might just be my second favorite month. March is my first (spring, my birthday), and July shares second place (it has fireworks), but June is like the distracted, dreamy little kid who is secretly your favorite.

Here is a poem to read while sitting on the banks of June, anticipating the coming summer...

First Year Teacher to His Students

Go now into summer, into the backs of cars,
into the black maws of your own changing,
onto the boardwalks of a thousand splinters,
onto the beaches of a hundred fond memories
in wait, where the sea in all its indefatigability
stammers at the invitation. Go to your vacation,

to the late morning cool of your basement rooms,
the honeysuckle evening of the first kiss, the first
dip and pivot, swivel and twist...

{keep going}


  1. 1. I am not offended by your critter-consumption!
    2. June is a good second-favorite month to have! It IS my secret favorite, how did you know?!
    3. "the black maws of your own changing" wow! black. maws. spooky!

  2. "onto the boardwalks of a thousand splinters"<-- this scares me
    "Thai bbq that served up several grilled animals " <-- this made me laugh