simple summer

I've returned from a week on Catalina Island! Kayaking with D as co-captain, hiking to Avalon, swimming in the California-cold ocean, boating before breakfast, taking naps under the trees on our naptresses (little mattresses used expressly for naps), walking down the pier at night, contemplating the beauty of creation around a was kind of hard to leave! But I feel more focused after a week of simple living. I even finished Foster's Freedom of Simplicity, which concludes with this thought:

There are not many things we have to keep in mind -- in fact, only one:
to be attentive to the voice of the true Shepherd.

There are not many decisions we have to make -- in fact, only one:
to seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness.

There are not many tasks we have to do -- in fact, only one:
to obey him in all things.

I hope your week is filled with simplicity too.

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