story about a plum tart

Last night there were plums and phyllo dough and
nothing else to do (except watch Firefly),
and then there was a plum tart.

(Recipe from my favorite article in the latest Real Simple, "3-Ingredient Recipes." One, two, three, eat it!) 

These plums are from the neighbor's backyard across the street. We used to have a huge plum tree in our own backyard, but there was always more of a plummy mess on the ground than there were plums in the kitchen, and none of us kids were very fond of cleaning it up, so we cut it down a few years back. But if we had known about urban foraging we might have found a solution to our problem of plentiful plums. Urban foraging is like the ultimate local-eating experience: you don't just eat what's grown within a hundred miles - you eat what's grown on your city block! For reals! And as a result of urban foraging, hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh produce has been donated to local food pantries.

Read more about it here and volunteer here to harvest in your 'hood.


  1. get out of town!! amazingly delicious. i just bookmarked a ton of those recipes!!!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooo, your tart and photography is soooo pretty!

  3. this photo is marvelous! looks so delicious.
    xo Alison

  4. Can you say YUUUUUMM?? :-)

  5. loved reading about urban foraging. thanks for sharing. i'd love to only eat local.