anatomy of a peach

So far, mornings at my new house in Bloomington are the best time of day. Partly because I don't have any classes until after lunch most days, and partly because we have a little breakfast table next to a big window. I don't know that I've ever been much of a morning person; I've typically been a night owl, as most college students are wont to be (I've broken the procrastinate-and-then-freak-out all-nighter habit, though, thank goodness). I usually write best at night, too.

But I'm thinking I could definitely get on board the morning train, be an early bird, catch those morning worms, etc. Not only is it nice to savor the day, fry up an egg, and ease into things, it just feels so good when lunch rolls around and I've already finished half of my to-do list. Appointments are scheduled, papers are graded, and the rest of the day belongs to me. Not that that always happens, of course, but you get the idea. Responsibility. Restfulness. Liking mornings must be a part of growing up.

Plus: every morning holds the possibility of blueberry waffles, hot coffee, or oatmeal. Also: morning people get to go to bed excited because when they wake up, guess what? It's morning!


  1. i recognize those plates! :-)
    i like mornings but also relish days to sleep in. and sometimes i am still a night owl.
    i do get quite excited to eat my morning oatmeal, though.
    thanks for the link! looks like a plethora of delicious recipes!

  2. I like your thinking, I will try it, why not? Maybe I too can get into this morning bliss?

  3. amazing! breakfast is so good. waffles: the best.
    i think i'm becoming more of a morning person, too, except i really dislike the part when it's dark outside and i feel the world hasn't woken up yet. sadly, i find myself wishing i had more office hours so i have an obligation to sit in starbucks and do morning work. without the students.

  4. Sarah, you always inspire me with your posts. I've been thinking about being a morning person for a few weeks now. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. :)

  5. i could go for a peach right now! oh man i'm so not a morning person but breakfast is my fave meal! dilemma!
    hope all is well sarah!! (cute pyrex plate!!)

  6. Great framing! Good draw on the depth as well -the soft background draws the eye to the subject.
    What camera & lens did you use?

  7. I think I could be a morning person if I was greeted by a peach every morning.