nonfiction muffins, and feast

The first nonfiction meeting for the upcoming issue of Indiana Review (subscribe!) was this morning...!

Tea, muffins, and editors on the porch

Later this afternoon, Miss Bethany and I biked to Feast, the new bakery that opened up down the street.  I graded essays while she translated Middle English.  I think we both thought a little dining adventure would make work more pleasant, but I don't know.  When my students get their grades back, they're going to wish I'd had a few glasses of wine instead of just coffee.

A citrusy slice of apple pie.  

The tamales at Feast, which are supposed to be their specialty, were dry and rubbery and not that great, as rubbery things usually are, unless they are erasers or bouncy balls.  Thus, no tamales pictures.  As a side note, I overheard a customer at the counter saying, "They sure don't make tamales like this in Mexico!" To which the guy behind the counter replied, "Why, yes. That's because they don't have quality ingredients like ours." Really, Feast Guy??!

Good coffee, though.


  1. your blueberry muffins look delicious.
    feast sounds like a place i would like (but not their ahem tamales).

  2. I can't believe "Feast guy" said that. <-- lame
    I love looking at your classy photos, though!