soo cal

The summer saga continues:

...And then I drove down to LA via San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara.

Vineyards, golden hills, and coastal oaks!

Oh, palm trees, freeways, traffic, and mountains!

We wandered the gorgeous Huntington Gardens.

A forest of tiny trees.

Stopped by the tea room for a spot of tea and scones...and caviar and cheese and fruit tarts and fresh cream. (Say what you will about Huntington's oxymoronically-named "English Tea buffet"; warm refills for your scone basket are a WIN.)

Old Pasadena, where you can cross the street diagonally and it's really awesome.

You know, just recording in Madonna's sister's husband's basement studio. (For reals. The studio, anyway, maybe not the recording. Then again, what's this...?

There you have it.  A day in the life of a weekend with the fam.  Let's do it again real soon. 


  1. such lovely photos! i would love to visit huntington's tea buffet, oxymoronically named or not. :-)
    we should definitely try to make coconut curry icecream sometime. it shall be a cooking adventure.
    here is the website i was talking about:
    {see "Bangkok Peanut" under signature flavors...apparently they changed the name of my fave flavor}.

  2. Why must your life be so interesting?
    You have amazing photos, amazing times with family and friends,
    and somebody at your school even looks like the Mad Hatter.
    Envy, envy, envy.

  3. looks like such a fun trip and has me wanting to go on a road trip myself.

  4. That's my hood! :) And you are so cute!