a bright, high day

 "I've never been to California, but I imagine this weather we're having comes close to what you have out there," someone said to me this week.

Add a snowglobe full of leaves and a huge sky and my answer is: Yes! Yes, it does! Happy October :)

Wait for an Autumn DayAdam Zagajewski

Wait for an autumn day, for a slightly
weary sun, for dusty air,
a pale day's weather.

Wait for the maple's rough, brown leaves,
etched like an old man's hands,
for chestnuts and acorns,

for an evening when you sit in the garden
with a notebook and the bonfire's smoke contains
the heady taste of ungettable wisdom. 

Wait for afternoons shorter than an athlete's breath,
for a truce among the clouds,
for the silence of trees,

for the moment when you reach absolute peace
and accept the thought that what you've lost
is gone for good.

Wait for the moment when you might not
even miss those you loved
who are no more.

Wait for a bright, high day,
for an hour without doubt or pain.
Wait for an autumn day. 

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  1. finally you blog again! i love fall tooooooo!! there arent a ton of trees in the florence city center...i will have to go hunt for some. and im desperate to find a pumpkin.