happy halloween

I'm not a Halloween person.  It may be because I didn't grow up trick-or-treating and I wasn't properly trained in the ways of trick-or-treatery, but whatever the cause, Halloween is stressful.  I just want to skip to the part where all the candy is on sale.  In graduate school, there's an especial pressure not only to come up with a costume, but a clever/creative/ironic one that also doesn't look like you spent too much time on it. Some examples from a recent graduate Halloween party that will be funny to mostly no one but will cause some grad students to titter:

1. a ladies' slip with terms like "id" and "ego" written on it (Freudian Slip)

2. a matching couple with different letterings on their shirts, "infin" and "itive" (Split Infinitive)

3. I made cat ears.  They look a lot like mouse ears for some reason.  I paired this with pajamas and a white furry tail and I was "the cat's pajamas".  No one really got it, but the best part then was that I got to say, "I'm the cat's pajamas!" all night long.


  1. i am not a halloween person either. mostly because i don't like scary or gross things. :) your costume idea sounds clever!

  2. hahahah that is awesome! you ARE the cat's pajamas! (ally wears pajamas?)

  3. i think that's a great costume idea. and i didn't grow up trick or treating either- i think that's why i dont like wearing costumes today.

  4. I like it! Clever cat. :)