poets and horses

Last weekend, Cathy Bowman invited the whole workshop over to her gorgeous property to make dinner and celebrate the hunter's moon. The evening (ratatouille, records, retreat) was poem-worthy.



  1. i love these!! i'm inspired : ) bloomington sounds like a good "next stop" to me!

  2. cathy's house looks magical. beautiful photos, sarah!

  3. love these images-soo warm.
    sending u a msg ab lenses right now :)

  4. Oh. Now I see what you mean about autumn.

  5. Hey! I just stopped over here from A Health Nut. I saw you found out about the new Alicia Silverstone book, and I just wanted to give you my two cents.
    The book, although good in the sense that it promotes veganism, is very cheerleader-esque. I had a hard time getting through it because I got so irritated with all the motivational hodgepodge and excessive use of exclamation points. However, if that's what you're into, I'd say it's worth a read. It's just very different than the very factual writing of Mr. Pollan.
    Anyways, I hope this helps, and if you end up reading it let me know what you think!!