Today, I got not one but two postcards! :) One from Florence and one from New Orleans. Both of them detailed to me what the writers had previously eaten. I think this must say something about me and my limited interests.

The one from Florence also said I better blog more. Lucky for you, Florence, I am in the habit of obliging my international followers.  Here is a real-life, gritty, behind-the-scenes look into my day.

Photo #1: I grade papers in the dining room.

Photo #2: Ice cream after a long day while watching ANTM.

Dear Florence, you probably expected this special features edition of my day to be longer.  Okay, picture waking up late, rushing to campus, an early morning seminar followed by a short conference with the program director followed by office hours and lesson planning, twiddling my thumbs while trying to print something in the work room, twenty faces staring at me as I try to explain performative identity, several hours in the Indiana Review office reading submissions, a special reading by visiting writer Karen McElmurray, and biking home in the rain before dinner.  Most of my days are usually awesome, but not always visually interesting. Also, my camera is really heavy, and it doesn't fit in my backpack. If I had a serious REI backpack like you, though, for serious European backpacking trips, it probably would. I should really show you the leaves here, though. The leaves are stunning.

Love, Sarah



  2. that's nice how you have the sun in your house. my apartment is in a gray, sunless twilight zone of naps and cold fingers.

  3. You make grading look like fun.