croissants at city bakery

It's been in the blissful high 70s these past few days. I had a lot of work to do, students to meet, papers to grade, but I couldn't resist biking over to City Bakery for breakfast, where the only terrible thing is having to decide which croissant to order. Almond? Butter? Chocolate? Spinach & feta? Apricot & ricotta? Or go crazy and have a bagel with goat cheese & chive spread? Feeling rather savory despite the sweet morning sun, I went with the spinach & feta and a cup of coffee, into which I poured too much cream because I can never figure out those pitcher lids.  One of the sidewalk tables was available (that never happens for me unless it's snowing out!), and I sat down for some reading and writing, some general people-watching, and I thought about something Wendell Berry said when he was here yesterday: "Be entirely present where you are—especially if you're in a good place."


  1. Looks like a beautiful way to spend the morning.
    I think I will have to visit City Bakery on a return trip to Btown. :)

  2. Great quote. Great photos. Great everything. Must find similar place in CA. Must eat croissant now. Oh, and there's no such thing as too much cream in coffee, my friend. :)