musgrave orchard

We go to the Musgrave Orchard every Saturday to pick up our farm share. It's kind of like having a mini-Christmas every week — you never know what you're going to get, and everything is wrapped in pretty produce colors. The whole place smells like apple cider vinegar because of the cider mills, and we definitely reap the benefits with tons of sweet apples and fresh-pressed cider. I also really like the mystery items that probably other people know what to do with but I don't. Right now we have some persimmon pulp in the freezer and a lot of really awesome-looking squash that for now serve as seasonal decor on the mantelpiece, but as the holidays progress and the "rustic squash" look becomes outmoded (I'm thinking definitely by Valentine's Day), we're going to have to find out how to eat them.


  1. Thanks so much for commenting! Your blog is lovely!

  2. so fun!!! i want a mini christmas every week...

  3. Sarah, I just think you're the cutest : )