weekend in the windy city

I might sound like a travel agency, but here it is: Happiness is planning your next vacation!  As much fun as being in a new place is, I think the planning, the booking, and the packing are just as exciting. For weeks, you get to look at your calendar and say, "Oh, that weekend when we're going somewhere!  It's getting closer!"  But then again, unplanned, impromptu getaways are also fun, so I don't know what lesson there is to learn here.

We'd been planning on going to Chicago for some time and for several reasons: 1. to escape from B-town, 2. to visit friends, and 3. because I'd never been there! It was beautiful and cold and there were long walks and too much good food and I want to go back.

Tiffany glass dome in the Chicago Cultural Center

Host and roommate and potted plant. Can you find the hidden roommate?

Speed scrabble

Hot cocoa at Intelligentsia


Everyone kept saying there was a giant bean downtown, and I didn't believe them, but it's true.

Me in the bean.


  1. You look cute in the bean.

  2. Yay! Fantastic! I just adore chicago! So glad you're having a wonderful time
    xo tash

  3. glad you enjoyed chitown and seeing the bean for the first time.
    chicago is lovely. i can't wait to get there again soon!

  4. I love your blog!!! I love the photos, the feeling, it's amazing! I look forward to following the teacup chronicles!

  5. How cool! I definitely want to go to Chicago one time. I'm glad you got to go. Also, I want a latte now.