I'm taking pictures of indoor snowflakes because it is too cold for the outdoor ones.

The first day of December was the first day that it snowed here, and it's been snowing ever since. On Saturday we had a Christmas party, and it was like we'd ordered a little pretty bit of the North Pole to our doorstep to add a festive flair to our decorations. Yesterday, though, we had to pay some high school boys to shovel our walkway, because everything had turned icy and treacherous. Today, I wore two shirts, a sweater, a wool coat, and a down jacket. My students were having a discussion about how the weather report said it was 18 degrees out but they agreed that it really felt more like 6 degrees and I said please explain how you can possibly tell the difference between 18 degrees and 6 degrees and they said you subtract the number of fingers and toes you can't feel. Seems logical.


  1. Great way to calculate the temperature! Unfortunately, I can't feel my hands when it's in the 30s, so I guess I wouldn't be a very accurate thermometer!

  2. ahhh...sounds like it's equally cold there. i would not have minded if fall would have taken up permanent residence until spring. :)
    p.s. i am voting for sam every day! i hope he wins!

  3. Thank you very much for the compliment on my painting! Much appreciated!!!
    I love these snow flakes....
    Here in santa monica it has been 70 degrees without a snow flake in sight. This will be my first holiday without snow and your post has me wanting to hang these from these from the ceiling of my sleepy little flat and light up candles in lieu of a fireplace. Crossing my fingers for fog...
    Thank you again, wishing warm holidays to you!

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