new year

Now that my long, leisurely break is over and I have lots of other things I'm supposed to do, I suddenly feel like blogging again. In a nutshell: school is back in session, I have twice as many students as last year, it's snowing, and my roommate is baking cornbread.  This semester will be tough, but overall, I'm excited to learn a lot and to work hard (and to learn to work hard a lot) and to enjoy all of it.  I don't formally make resolutions, but I do make wishes.  Here are eleven wishes for 2011, in no particular order:

1. Run far.  I'm thinking of running a 10K or going for broke and training for a half-marathon.
I bought some running tights with shiny reflector tape, so you know this is serious.
Publish.  Poems. Food reviews. PTA newsletters. Whatever.
Do it digitally.  Thank you, Indiana University, for free software! Lynda is my new best friend!
I'm looking forward to spare moments spent mastering CS5.
Photo more.  There's just no reason not to!
Marry well.   I've got a pretty good start on this. All that's left is planning the wedding :)
Write a children's book. That sounds fun.
Cook more Thai food.  I'll get in touch with my roots and make my roommates happy.
Play more.  Sometimes I play with The Hottest Band Ever (We need a name change. Maybe.),
but not often enough.
Listen good. Time to find some new favorite bands. My iPod feels neglected.
Grow something. Maybe when the ground unfreezes, I'll raise some baby vegetables.
Or maybe a potted cactus.
Praise and service.  These two things, I've decided, are the theme for the year. I want to act
in praise and in service, doing for others and staying connected to the source of joy and inspiration.

Okay, and I thought of three more things while making this list, but then I wouldn't have a number to fit the "2011" motif.  So these three are bonuses:

12. Want less. Donating, de-cluttering and reminding myself that I don't really "need" another sweater.
Stay fresh. Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle has me craving local, seasonal foods. Unfortunately,
our farmers' market is closed for now.
Speak well. Foreign languages are so awesome. One of these days I'll speak one of them.

Ah, 2011!  I think you'll be good to me.


  1. i like this. i like this a lot sarah!! love all your resolutions...
    btw i can't believe you know L! that was the first time i met her!!!!
    crazy small world!

  2. sounds like 2011 will be a magical year, indeed.
    best wishes for the start of the new semester!

  3. i like all of your wishes very much.