time travel

Developing film is expensive, but it's fun.  You have to savor film, which, if you're like me, can mean many weeks/months before you reach the end of the roll.  Then you drop it off the little baby photographs at the lab, and when you finally get them developed, it's like a small time machine in your hands.  You don't even remember taking these pictures, but you do suddenly remember walking down that street or enjoying the light from that window. You remember liking it very much.

This particular roll spans several thousand miles and a couple months: the rest of my pre-Thanksgiving Chicago pictures, post-Christmas San Luis Obispo and San Francisco, and last week's Bloomington snow.  I get around a lot more than I thought.

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  1. i spy sal's! beautiful images sarah! the light in some of these is just so stinkin' gorgeous. i heart film big time..