Pi Day

Happy Pi Day, the day on which we celebrate round, delicious pastries, the middle of March, and a particular infinite Greek number!

 I had big plans for Pi Day.  For starters, I was going to run a "Pie K" (3.14 kilometers) and be rewarded at the finish line with free pie (best race ever), but the bumper fell off of D's car, so the day did not go as planned.  And I was going to make a pie myself and go running on my own (so ambitious!), but there were a few more difficulties down that road.

 First, I realized that March is not a pie-friendly month, produce-wise.  My sweet pie options were limited, so I ventured into savory pie territory, and settled on a Greek Spinach and Leek Pie* (an reinterpretation of spanakopita), which earned me bonus Pi Day points for the Greek origins.

This pie turned out to be rather difficult, requiring some architectural skills with phyllo dough and most of the evening, which left no time to run before dark.

But all was not lost. In the end, I celebrated Pi Day with several slices of a great pie and felt satisfied knowing that I could calculate the circumference of it if ever I needed to.

*I used goat cheese instead of ricotta for maximum tastiness.


  1. i'm definitely celebrating pie day next year.

  2. You were cool and made your own pie! I not only didn't make my own pie, I made my mom buy one!

  3. I didn't celebrate pi day with pie! Sadness. I suppose I should make a pie this week to make up for it.
    Your spinach pie, however, looks delish.

  4. wow this pie looks amazing. i've never heard or seen a Greek Spinach and Leek Pie before.
    and i <3 your blog. :-)