la dolce vita

I am in serious like with this photo. My sister took it recently on her travels through Italy as she is studying to be a gondolier an architect.  I want to be lying on a pier in Venice, too, wearing short sleeves and a sweet straw hat.

Other things I'm dreaming of this weekend:
Gelato affogato
Farmers' market tomorrow
Poetry thesis reading tonight!
Warm, sunny weather (please?)

Things that make this life sweet:
Listening to short stories while running
RSVPing to weddings and showers!
Imagining walking down the aisle to this song
(and thinking I'm oh-so-funny)
Email correspondence


  1. gorgeous photo; looks like a postcard.
    hope you have a weekend full of good things. :)

  2. affogato means drowned. drowned gelato. all the gondolier's dress this way. its the official gondolier uniform.

  3. i would laugh so hard if you walked down the aisle to that song!!

  4. You, your sister, and your brother are so creative and talented!