spring brunch menu

...with generous donations of asparagus salad, carrot cupcakes, and slices of cranberry orange toast!

Highlights from yesterday's Easter brunch at our house: the food (see above), everybody helping in the kitchen, feeding twelve people for $50 (seriously!), and seeing everyone together at one table.  I missed my family and California, of course, but it made me happy for new traditions (as in, these strawberry quesadillas may need to become a daily tradition) and places and families.

Recipes from: Real Simple, Real Simple, Giada de Laurentiis, Sprouted Kitchen

Photo by Sprouted Kitchen


  1. sounds like a wonderful brunch!
    bethany said the food was delicious. :)

  2. on easter, i had a sandwich from a crepe vendor in paris, but they put avocado on my sandwich, which was like a taste of home!