Florence, Venice, Rome

I learned a lot in Italy.  How to dodge traffic.  How to identify high quality gelato.  How to eat five-course meals regularly.  How to appreciate sculpture.  How to mollify blisters.  I learned what it means for something to be truly "historical" (my sister's apartment is older than the USA) and I learned what a real cappuccino should taste like.  It was like a dream to run around Italy all day, stay out late in the piazzas and people watch after dark, and eat something fresh and delicious every time I sat down (except for one time in Venice).

The one lesson I had to learn the hard way was about film, so let me pass on this piece of knowledge that is readily available to everyone with internet who has the foresight to research this before traveling with six rolls of new film: Do not put your film in your checked baggage. Put it in your carry-on.

Below are the images that survived the x-ray blast, not all of them unscathed. The ruined images have gone to that mystical place where images go when they die: memory.


  1. jealousy is running through my veins ;)
    what a fantastic trip--you are so lucky sarah! i have a major travel bug right now.
    sorry to hear about your film...i think the ones you posted are fantastic!

  2. yay! you posted photos. i like the one of you drinking a cafe!!

  3. yay italy. more that a tad jealous of you right now!
    i am sorry some of your photos were ruined, but this could be an excuse to go back and visit again?! ;)

  4. sarah, these photos are great! (and that much more precious since the others were compromised) and....you are getting married SOON! woah!