leaves + twigs

I don't know much about wine tasting.  But I did spend four years in central coast wine country as an undergraduate, so I do know that the vineyards that run along the highways between home and school look like green seas in the summer and gold corduroy in the winter.  I know that, in retrospect, minoring in viticulture would have upped my cool points by half.  I know that slurping wine is the best way to aerate it, but this is typically frowned upon in polite company.  I know that a nice bubbly pairs well with almost anything (my former editor told me that), and I know that if I had it my way, I'd pair it with everything.  I know how to use a corkscrew, and I know people who know how to open wine without one (it involves some complicated physics, a good aim, and the possibility for a great deal of mess).

So, like I said, I don't know much, but it was Friday, and I asked the guy at the wine shop for his recommendation.  After a series of questions (Question #1: "What do you want your wine to do?" "Eh...be enjoyed by me?"), he presented me with The Reveler, a "reverse Bordeaux" from Washington.  I proceeded to drink with distinction.  D made dinner.

I'm positive wine label writers are close cousins of poets.  They both like fancy words, they frequently make no sense, and they have a great appreciation for a bottle of wine.  This one lacked the little blurb on the back, so I made one up, based on my own tasting notes:
From the red, wrinkled leaves
in the valley comes
a rinsed tin cup, an evening
of split twigs and wet stones,
and a summer song dressed
in sweaters, ready.
Seriously, that's what it tasted like.  It tasted like Washington.


  1. I love your blog, and am really looking forward to catching up on the archives. I like your blend of poetry and observation... shame about that ballet class elective but congratulations anyway on the MFA! Is v late at night now, so will return soon for more goodtogether :)

  2. You're awesome. I can't think of anything else to say to someone who writes a poem for the back of the bottle of wine they're drinking. I think I need you to live in my house and spruce up my boring days with bespoke poetry...

    My conversations with wine shop employees are usually started and ended by them, going something like so: 'Oh, that's a nice one. Never trust the prices, some $6 wines are really good...'

  3. Amazing. All wine reviews should be like this! Wine for me is like a vast secret world that I like to dip into sometimes (probably more than sometimes) but know nothing about. I'm definitely curious about how you open a bottle without a corkscrew!

  4. Slurpy slurp slurp! Love the poem. Physics almost always works...