stout + cake

The good people at Daniel's work sure like a party.  According to local office etiquette, if it's your birthday or anniversary or first communion or whatever, you provide the party treats, send out a mass email letting people know where they are, and then people trickle in and give you good wishes in exchange for sweets*.

Last week, I sent ten dozen chocolate chip cookies with him to commemorate our one-month anniversary.  Leftover cookies: seven.

This week, it's a chocolate stout cake, and my handsome honey is a quarter-century old!

Next week, well, don't get your hopes up.  I'm tired of wiping my messes off the walls.

Happy birthday, you!

*I think this idea runs on the general elementary school principle of making sure your mom makes cupcakes for everyone in the class so that they will all know and be glad that it's your birthday, and this is a very sound principle. (But it was never the same when schools no longer allowed home-baked goods for fear of poisoned kids and lawsuits.)


  1. oh that's so sweet - pun intended :)

  2. how do i get me some of that?

    10 dozen choco chip cookies?!?!?

    i like this new blog of yours :).

  3. That looks delicious. The office I used to work in did that too – it really was the best thing ever, especially when people made their own - there are so many amazing closet bakers in offices!

  4. Oooh yum! Ya, it's the same way at the company I work for, if it's your birthday you bring in the food and goodies and everyone just needs to bring themselves to your little table. There's nothing like sweet treats to bring people together. =)

  5. None of my offices ever did that! My have to start that in my own. =) And that cake looks to. die. for.