bikes + benevolence

In Bloomington, I used to ride every day.  I picked study spots based on the bike paths that led me there.  I bought groceries based on how many I could balance on a bicycle.  In Columbus, there are more cars and fewer bicycles, but there's a wonderful trail across town, through the park, alongside the river that makes for a very nice late Saturday afternoon, possibly one of the last warm and sunny Saturday afternoons of November.

And I got to break in my new (but older-than-I-am) bike Jovie, named after my favorite elf's girlfriend, because elves wear green, and because I do not have a favorite leprechaun.

I've also been thinking lately that the name of this blog has been begging me to put it to use and that "good together" is a goal that I and, I believe, many others have.  Goodness, in its many forms, is made all the more grand when it calls us together, whether for a meal or a celebration or a common cause.  But we don't need collective grandness; we just need a bunch of people devoted to good together.I will continue to mull on this thought and its myriad meanings (and any other insights you may have).  In the meantime, please let me direct you to one place where we might do good together.
The Bikes for Goodness Sake Foundation is like a good samaritan on wheels.  Their mission is to give bicycles to children whose parents are serving overseas in the military, honoring what they see as "the silent sacrifice" of these children, equipping them with safe riding know-how, even teaching many of them how to ride for the first time.

Bikes for Goodness Sake is currently accepting donations, and if you know of a child in need of a bike, let them know.


  1. This bike is adorable! I also own two bikes older than I am & I love them & would NEVER change them to a newer one!

  2. what agreat bike and what a great idea!

  3. The color of that bike is amazing.

    So is showcasing foundations doing good work.

  4. jovie!! i love it. bikes for goodness sake sounds really cool as well...

  5. That's a really neat charity foundation. You're bike is lovely. I love vintage bikes. Mine is named Mille, she's like a 70's schwinn and has a sticker that says free spirit on it. Perfection.

  6. Such a great post! I'm lucky enough to live in a city (New Orleans) where a good deal of people bike around. I love it.
    Also, I laughed out loud when you mentioned shopping for food based on how you can balance it all on your bike. That is TOTALLY me everytime.