hitchhiking + the sea

Back to work, everyone!  Thank goodness for breaks that are refreshing and re-energizing.  Today I'm working the word magic for a new review of Marianne Boruch's The Glimpse Traveler, a memoir about hitchhiking from Illinois to California, and I'm missing the ocean that her book describes so gorgeously.  Have you ever hitchhiked?  I haven't and can't say I ever will under normal circumstances (e.g., working car and a few dollars for gas), but if I did, it would be nice to end up somewhere green and cool, like Washington maybe.  Big Sur wouldn't be bad either.

From The Glimpse Traveler:
Outside it would gradually turn to wheat and grazing land, to full-blown prairie, not simply land wrenched by sweat and axe from its woods. Because hadn't it always been like this, endless and pretty much treeless? I knew those fields would eventually give way, rolling on and out to mountains I'd heard of, to this thing, the sea, only a word to someone of my land-locked childhood but the dazed, bluest eye of it, multiplied way past eight zillion times.
[. . . .] So we got to Big Sur. I don't know what the place is like now but then, there wasn't all that much there, in the way of stores and streets and houses, I mean. The ocean, of course, its immense heart beating as usual, those mountains beginning just a shade east of the highway and rearing into cliffs or sometimes they gently rose. 
Photo by barely_legal


  1. I would definitely be too scared to hitchhike, hah

  2. I've always wanted to visit the Big Sur. My parents hitchhiked for a couple of years when they were backpackers in the 70s - I guess it was a different world then, they did some pretty crazy stuff. Not sure I'd have the courage to follow their lead today!

  3. holy smokes this book looks good. when i was in college i tried to hitchhike from austin to new orleans on thanksgiving break, but only made it as far as shreveport.