hot + cold

So I baked my first baguette this weekend.  It was a success: soft and sweet with a crispy crust, a just slightly misshapen form (not too bad for my first time), and not a single glass shard in it.

I also learned (or remembered, since I'm sure I was taught this in physics class or at least saw it on Mythbusters) about the perils of adding cold substances to hot glass baking dishes.  One moment the pan was there, and then it wasn't.  It was terrifying and kind of beautiful.

I continued baking the bread anyway, since it had been on a higher rack, protected by a sturdy baking stone.  I was a little on edge at this point, expecting just about anything to blow up at any time and donning big safety goggles whenever I stepped into the kitchen, but some things, like fresh bread, are worth the risk.

Lessons learned:
(1) If the recipe says to add water to a warm pan to create steam in the oven, better make it hot water.  Or, don't add any water, since mine seemed to turn out fine.
(2) If you're going to make a mess, make a beautiful one.


  1. ugh, I want to learn how to bake bread. But I'm scared. It seems so daunting.

  2. well, at least the broken glass looks like a small sculpture and you can put it on your night stand and pretend you got it from a really cool market someplace!

  3. Apparently you can also just spray the sides of the oven with water too...

  4. beautiful messes. my favorite. :) glad you weren't hurt though!!!