mornings + muffins

My drive to campus is about an hour, which would be a pain if it weren't such a lovely hour.  If I time it right, I can get my fill of Morning Edition and feel all up-to-date by the time I arrive.  I can say things like, "Oh, did you hear about such-and-such newsy thing?" and sound educated.  And if it's early enough, but not too early, the sun will follow me west, burning the frost off the fields as I go, the steam rising through diagonal shafts of light.

And then if I get to town and have a little too much extra time, I stop at The Bakehouse for a coffee or a muffin, do some grading in a corner, catch up on reading.  These are good mornings.

I recently realized how brilliant muffins are; you make a dozen on Sunday, and then everyone has breakfast for the week.  No clean-up or utensils needed, which is great, because we are always out of cereal spoons.  The problem is making the muffin less sugary, more energy-rich; I used this carrot-oat-pumpkin muffin recipe (minus the Splenda, plus a 1/4 c. of honey) and they were a healthy hit.


  1. Those look delicious! Can i steal them?

  2. Carrot-oat-pumpkin muffins sounds like perfection right now...