old + new

We're not going home for Thanksgiving this year.  The day will be quieter, the food not as delicious, the table not so crowded.  Our first Thanksgiving as married folk also means we'll start making our own traditions.  Tomorrow, we'll get up early to set up for the local community dinner, DVR the parade, come home & change back into our PJ's to watch it.  We'll eat a light breakfast, maybe take a walk if it ever stops drizzling.  Eventually, we'll get cooking & find out if either of us can successfully roast a turkey.  Friends will come over.  There will be homemade ice cream & pie.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving Eve this year, a night that is usually lost to me, since I'm typically traveling from one place or another in order to get home.  This year, we're kicking off the four-day weekend & the entire holiday season with extra fanfare: we're making pizza & watching a movie at home & making Christmas lists & being thankful for rest stops in our busy lives.

What will you do?  If you need any Thanksgiving Eve movie recommendations, here are some I've seen recently:

(1) Son of Rambow - For those who who have ever starred in a home movie
(2) The Getaway - For those fans of Steve McQueen, Ali MacGraw, and shotguns
(3) Stone of Destiny - For those who wish they lived in Scotland in the 1950s

P.S. Did you know that apparently millions of people order pizza for Thanksgiving Eve?

Photo source: mary-claire


  1. that's exciting that you get to start your own traditions - I can't wait to do the same someday :)

  2. Aw, here's to cooking a fabulous turkey. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  3. How fun to start your own traditions! Hope Thanksgiving (and turkey roasting) went lovely! :)

  4. i remember our first thanksgiving as newlyweds without our families..it was strange and comforting at the same time. sounds like you had an amazing one planned out. :)

    ours was laid back this year as i had to work before and after. we've had a strange hot spell in slo for the past couple of days...it feels bizzare..almost summer-ish!

    hope you are well sarah.
    oh and i have yet to meet your sis!
    ...and thanks for the movie tips!

  5. Love the idea of being able to start my own traditions!! And that photo is making me hungry for pizza. Guess I know what's for dinner! =)

  6. sarah this sounds wonderful. even though it is well after thanksgiving.