pizza + wine

Daniel made pizza from scratch for the first time, not just once, but two nights in a row, and I gave myself yet another in a series of high fives for marrying him.  This is what I dreamed about during that insane period known as wedding planning: making dinner together, sharing what we've made, coming to a compromise in pizza toppings (I'll give up red onions on BBQ chicken pizza if we can add extra herbs to the pepperoni), cleaning it up eventually and talking about the boring details of our day.  The pizzas were so good.

And, this being his first time, either he just has the magic touch (which is possible) or, despite how intimidated I'd previously been by homemade pizza, it does not take a rocket scientist (which he is) to make pizza.

We're still learning, but for a cast-iron skillet Chicago-style pizza, which is great when you are without a high-temperature pizza stone, try something like this.  Or keep it simple with a flatbread recipe; I think we used a modified version (i.e., we messed up a couple times) of a basic easy-rise crust.

As for the wine, we stuck with the regional theme and picked an imported Chianti, a wine that reminds me, for whatever reason, of a long, dusty history and a workingman's table, simple and sturdy.


  1. The pizzas look delicious! Good job for marrying him. :)

  2. high fives indeed! this makes me ridiculously hungry . . . AND hopeful my guy will cook for me when we're blissfully wed and living in the same home :) adorable blog . . . i'll surely be visiting again.

  3. pizza and wine or pizza and beer...not much better!