cheese + figs

What's your idea of a good holiday party?  Mine is a cheese plate, a glass of wine, an intense tournament of board games, and a sequined sweater.  My brother describes his ideal party as one that has "lots of seats." Some of us are easier to please.

Cheese picks: cocoa goat / cranberry chipotle / porter / paglietta
Wine picks: Viognier / Malbec
Game picks: Banagrams / Settlers of Catan / Apples to Apples


  1. ahh can you believe I've never had a fig?!

  2. i'm with you on the holiday parties. love fun, low-key gatherings w. close friends :)

    hmm, i'm strangely not a fan of figs. but i LOVE cheese. !!

  3. my idea of a good holiday party involves some toasty sweet indulgent drinks. :)

  4. let's not forget hot chocolate and home-made cookies. but cheese is good too :)

  5. Oh my that looks delicious! I definitely agree with the sequined sweater!