homecoming + holidays

One night, Daniel and I made a Christmas wish list, not of things we wanted to get, but of things we wanted to do.  This was well before Thanksgiving.  We were ready.  Here were our items:
  • Cut a little Christmas tree down in the snow
  • Watch Elf and It's a Wonderful Life
  • Bake and eat Christmas cookies
  • Share peppermint ice cream
  • Put up Christmas lights
  • Drive around to look at Christmas lights
  • Wear matching Christmas sweaters
  • Find Glögg (a festive Swedish mulled wine)
  • Shop in a real mall with real elves
  • Give generously
  • Kiss under mistletoe
We've done pretty well so far, except for a few items.  But we still have three days.  And today, we get to cross another thing off of our list: fly home for Christmas.

Do you have far to go this holiday?  I like how the first Christmas took place during a time when everyone was required to return to their homeland, sometimes requiring days and weeks of travel, and now we, in keeping, surge home too.


  1. beautiful photos! every year i want to make a list and every year i don't. next year is the year!! (with the help of an advent calendar for my son) :)

  2. This is such a great list! :) Lists are such a good idea and I love when couples sit down and make them together!

  3. nice photos, especially those cookies. now where exactly are you gonna find these real elves? xx

  4. what a great list. have a great christmas!

  5. That list is a magical list. Love it!

  6. sounds like a wonderful list. :) hope you had a great christmas!

  7. Sarah-- what a beautiful list and lovely pictures to boot! I admire your style.

    Can you send me your address? Or, can you tell me if you are living at the same place as you did about a year and a half ago?


    p.s.-- Every time I try to publish as withbluesatinsashes it says I don't own that name!