pears + caramel

I like it when crepes appear in my life.  They usually signal good things.  They remind me of my first date with Daniel, wandering around Pismo Beach at night; of jogging to his house for breakfast during our college years, when his roommate first taught me how to make them; of my roommate from Paris, who made dozen of crepes at a time and threw Fat Tuesday parties at our house; of staying up late with girlfriends, wondering why the first crepe never looks the greatest but always tastes the best (answer: butter); of sitting on the front porch on a weeknight with a plate of crepes and a bucket of fruit and friends over for a reason I can no longer remember.

They remind me of Christmas morning, too, and the one year I planned our family brunch menu, a low-key DIY crepe affair, the table ornamented in all manners of fillings and toppings.  The best filling, in my opinion, is pears sauteed in cinnamon with a little homemade caramel sauce.  Sprinkle some clementine zest over everything, and it's like Christmas in your mouth.

Not one to limit my crepes to any single fashion, mind you, I'm always in search of a good filling.  Suggestions?


  1. i don't know. this sounds pretty perfect. i'm not sure you need anything else.

  2. So I must admit that the one and only time I've ever had a crepe it was filled with warm Nutella, sliced bananas and topped off with fresh whipping cream. To die for! I've never made one myself but you've given me reason to begin. Thanks for stopping by Ms. Lady Day and saying hello, I'm glad I followed you back to your place, it's lovely here.


  3. Thanks for commenting on our blog, meant we could discover yours.
    Crepes are amazing and make you so happy.
    Have a great day.

  4. I love crepes. Nutella crepes are pretty amazing.

  5. Hmm. I'm trying to remember what the Germans put in there crepes. I have to admit, I LOVE crepes but I've been telling myself I'll get one in France and not Germany so I sort of pass them by here in favor of a "snowball" which is like... a hearty, German, pancakey version of a crepe.
    I think your crepe recipe sounds divine, though. Just stick with that.

  6. your blog is beautiful. love the view of your photography :)

  7. Ok-- back from France and I have an update on the crepe situation. Try lemon and sugar. Clearly you've got the caramel down. Or, try dark chocolate and orange-rum stuff then light it on fire. :)