biscuits + gravy

The mornings here are not so dark anymore. The days are not so tightly sealed at both ends. When we go for walks in the evening, we leave our scarves at home. People we know are grilling onions and asparagus out-of-doors and playing guitar on their balconies. Sundays, we pick a direction, keep driving down the long, straight country roads until we reach the next and nearest town, a quick flash of a place called Hope. We find the only open diner and order biscuits and gravy and ninety-nine cent coffee. We wonder what they're doing there, all those people trickling in after church, in that one-road town with its two-bit zipcode, and how long do they want to stay there, and where would they go if they left, and are they as thrilled as we are, perched on spring's eve, at how early the sun rises now.


  1. hello, darling! your blog is simple lovely. i hope we can follow each other.
    your days sound divine.
    i love simple diners and coffee all black.
    as for documentary recommendations:
    i'm planning to watch ray and eames: an architect and designer, coffee+cigarettes, and woody allen: a documentary.
    i haven't watched them yet but i've heard nothing but good news from them.

    happy new week!

  2. mmmm you had me at biscuits and gravy! haha, but I'm so glad that it's been getting brighter in the mornings too!

  3. Sounds like a really lovely time! Simple pleasures on a weekend morning are so refreshing. And it's an amazing energy that the world gets, before spring but when you have those few extra hours of light.

  4. whereeeee did you get your shaker?? i need one of those . . . immediately.