bits + pieces

Things have been busy in a slow kind of way around here. Papers need graded, bills need paid, laundry needs washed, that thing with the writing needs written, and figuring out what to do after graduation keeps me occupied in the in-between times, but here's some of the goings-on...

- Listening to this mix by one of the designers at blood:water mission and gearing up for their forty days of water challenge (starts tomorrow! will you do it?)
- Predicting the 2012 Oscar Short Film winners over at the IR blog. Go see the shorts; it's seriously one of the best theater experiences.
- Snacking on this and wishing for some of these on Fat Tuesday.


  1. Mmm, mighty good snacking and wishing there.

  2. I know that busy yet slow feeling well, I've been experiencing much the same lately. I think everything will be fixed by March turning the calendar over.

  3. Being busy in a slow way is excruciating.

  4. Ah...listening to the amazing mix at the moment. Thank you so much for sharing. :)
    I really love the idea of the forty days of water challenge too!