here + now

It's been hard to focus lately, so I dusted off my camera to see if it could remind me how. Step one, be watchful, hawk-eyed, for glimpses of grandeur. Step two, rethink grandeur. Step three, aim and adjust, seek and capture, patience and a steady hand.

I've been so little in the moment and too much in the bog of worry and restlessness. Have you ever been there? I have a sneaking suspicion that if I would only take care of the things that have been put in my life now, everything will come together later.

Incidentally, this line of lenten meditation appeared in my inbox this morning:
"When I'm living in the present moment, I'm better able to love people, to help people, to respond to people -- to see that others exist."
A good way to live.


  1. Very inspiring post. Love your words. xxxx

  2. we push and push to somewhere control the future, it's natural, but all there is is this moment, right now.

    is that nutella? :)

    thanks for the visit so that i found your lovely place too.

  3. That meditation line did come at the right time, didn't it? It is so hard to live in the moment, and I wonder why. We're here, but our mind wonders too far, too often. We miss so much looking ahead (and sometimes behind too). I hope your camera helped you focus, but I think just by doing the exercise you're better able to live in the here and now.

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  4. Is that nutella? I just baked nutella cookies yesterday and almost all of them are gone now. Sigh.

    I'm glad you visited my blog. I'm following you now!

  5. I wish I could live up to those words...or at least say I tried!

  6. Ah, i have definitely been there for sure. I had a very long season of it, but feel like I'm finally breaking through the clouds. It's weird but I think the time change really helped me!

    I always love seeing peeks into your life. :)

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    I can answer your question about being bogged down with worry and restlessness - yes most definitely and living in the moment is the only anti-dote I know! I have a personal mantra, 'whatever I need will be there in the moment', it has helped me enormously to get through some difficult hours.

    Have taken a peek at your blog - lovely photography, and yes everything is beautiful worth a click of the camera!

    Sue x

  8. Reading this post is like a mirror into my own thoughts. I've been feeling very much scattered and unfocussed lately. Your images are lovely ... it's those little moments that are so important to take note of, yes? :)

    PS. I love nutella, so I hope that is what is being spread above.
    ... and I love that meditation. :)

  9. what a beautiful meditation.
    love the photos; hope you are enjoying your new space!
    p.s. i will be in btown for bethany's reading. will i see you?!

  10. I've been feeling the same too, and I hope it'll pass soon.

  11. That calendar is lovely! The colors are too awesome!
    (and the rest of your photos make your life look pretty too).

  12. Amen and amen... what a good way you have of saying what's been on my mind!