old dressers + other treasures

First, say hello to the newest issue of Remedy Quarterly that just arrived in my mailbox this week! I have a short article in there, and it's probably the prettiest printing of something that my little words have been a part of. Usually, my writing gets the standard black-and-white-newspaper treatment, so this feels all dressed up and fancy.

Second, we're beginning the process of restoring an old dresser we bought from a local used furniture store. Things found in the dresser when I removed the drawers: (1) a Valentine's Day card to Mom and Dad, (2) two pairs of "queen-sized" women's stockings, (3) two samples of lace, (4) two church bulletins, (5) one email exchange printout from 2004 regarding the obituary of an ancestor in 1941, (6) a photo of a sixth-grade girl named Mary, who has the same name as the woman in the email exchange, (7) and one cubic zirconium diamond sealed up in tissue paper and stamped with the local jeweler's name.

This hidden trove is much more exciting than what you would find behind my drawers: bobby pins,  hair ties, garment price tags, and spare buttons that I'm supposed to keep where I can find them again. Perhaps I should start hiding things there with the intention of forgetting them, letting someone else discover them one unsuspecting afternoon.

Is anyone going find anything interesting behind your dresser drawers?


  1. Congrats on your printed word. And I don't think anyone is going to find anything interesting. Except for some really terribly ratty socks

  2. what treasures.... so many stories attached.

  3. glad to have found your blog just now. You have a beautiful way of saying in a few words and photographs what i feel i try all day to say. The publishing accomplishment is well-deserved.
    If i knew your name and address i'd invite you over for coffee. =)

  4. congratulations on the published piece! is there anyway we can read it? i looked at their website which issue is your piece in? Thanks!

  5. I follow eat make read and am just piecing together that kelly started remedy quarterly (from her blog post today ;))! so cool that you have a piece in there. i'll have to try to get a hold of this issue...congrats!