weekend vision: sunrise + granola

What are you doing this weekend? I feel like being really ambitious and waking up and going on a sunrise hike through the state park and bringing some homemade granola along for breakfast on the trail. This may not seem hugely ambitious to you, but it is, believe me, because I never (1) wake up that early unless I'm jet-lagged (2) to go do something that does not involve pajamas, (3) and I've never made granola, but I oft have thought that I should. Seriously, granola at the store is priced like a small sack of crunchy gold.


  1. Yes, why is granola so expensive to buy? It totally doesn't make sense

  2. mmm homemade granola is the best. i made a batch last weekend and i'm so sad i finished it off this morning.

  3. i hope you got to make granola...so easy and delish!
    missed you in chicago this weekend but glad you were able to bring your new little friend home. :)