spark + wither

I heard somewhere that if you find yourself in a creative rut, the best thing to do is to write down three things you know are true, and to do it daily with three more true things.

I started a new, grown-up job (which is no small item of celebration, don’t get me wrong), and I’m having that unfortunate, grown-up problem that is prevalent among those who sit at desks often, so here are my three for today:

1. The leaves spark and wither like tiny fireworks.
2. The stain of night widens, and autumn encloses us.
3. Every day, an inheritance.

What are your three?


  1. Firstly, congratulations on your new job. That is a reason to celebrate.

    Three things true things - that is really quite an interesting way of looking at it. I will have to try out this exercise soon

  2. [sidenote] thank you for commenting on my blog so i could discover yours! such a beauty!

  3. ah, that rut. but is it so? or is it the necessary sleep of our muse? i've come to accept the ebb and flow of her.

    1. painful transitions can yield fruit
    2. leaves crunch - leaves squish
    3. tea awakens

    good to see you around here again...

  4. congrats on your new job! I have that grown up problem as well.

    My three are:

    1. Peace is in the sight of the ocean and the sound of the waves
    2. Sunlight warms the skin
    3. adventure is life

    such a great idea!

  5. Oh this is a lovely idea ... I'm a bit over grown up problems like those caused by day jobs (I have the same trouble).

    My three are:
    1. An open window will always bring fresh air.
    2. The greatest comforts often go unspoken.
    3. Important moments cannot be hurried into existence.

    I think I need to dwell on three little thoughts each day. xx