snatches + snippets

Sometimes you feel like each day is a cold, dull cloud. Sometimes a week is just the only way to reach the weekend. But then you look back over your shoulder and see that you've been trailed home by small, shiny snatches of unmerited goodness. You are rich as a blade of sunlight.

+ long-awaited girls' retreat at an eco-farmhouse in the woods on the snowy Lake Michigan shore
+ the privilege of collaborating with the superhuman Luisa on the forthcoming Alphabet Journal
+ a surprise signed copy of After Visiting Friends in the mail from my new writer crush
+ discovering the fascination addiction known as (I have old Irish kin?!)
+ this cake, which my web translator declares a "no-nonsense but poetic feel" kind of cake


  1. i'm in awe with this picture. the lighting makes my knees weak.
    that's a great thought! i think that's so true. sometimes when everything feel so bad, all we need to do just look over. maybe the pretty light won't solve my problem, but it's definitely soothe my weary soul at the time and peace to my heart.