songs + plans

The last snow (I hope) fell this week. Crossing my fingers for the temperature to rise above 50 one of these days. I think I remember what warm is like. A ruffled magnolia? A shiny wave?


  1. Beautiful quote - where is it from? And by thinking of summery days, spring is not far away :)...

  2. beautiful is this! Honey I'm starting to think all of my plans are a figment of my imagination! I am just renewed by the trees blooming like my magnolia tree in my front yard and the freshness of the grass woke and vibrant like a carpet on the ground. Soft and perfect. And thankfully Indy is raining a fair bit so everything is extra green. It all just makes me want to live in Ireland really.


  3. i do hope you'll get some sunshine soon!

    love your writings